Alcohol and spirits,

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Hi everybody,

Hi, My name is Binyomin Terebelo and I am the master distiller at Millville Distillery. Over here on the Millville Distillery blog we welcome you, to come and join us in exploring all the different and sometimes strangly unique distilled spirits of the world.

The Spirit list,

  1. Brandy,
  2. Cachaca,
  3. Gin,
  4. Rum,
  5. Schnapps,
  6. Tequila,
  7. Vodka,
  8. Whiskey,

Every Spirit on this list is its own category, with many sub categories, to name a short list, of what we plan to explore on our blog.

Whiskies, Scotch, Bourbon, Irish.

Brandies, include Cognac, calvdos, Kitron, to name a few of the many Brandies.

Vodka, Potato, wheat, sugar, any pretty much anything that can ferment!

The Influence of the Barrel

  1. American oak
  2. Oregon oak
  3. French oak
  4. European oak
  5. Japanese oak
  6. Apple and other barrels used today by micro distilleries.

We will explore the barrel, and the influence and flavors that it gives to the Alcohol housed inside. Further how time in the barrel influence the taste.

The Still

  1. A moonshine still
  2. Alembic
  3. stripper still
  4. pot still
  5. regular still
  6. the other types of stills that are being used, mostly by the micro distillers.

Understanding, how shape size heat affect the taste. Further how cutting the heads thats throwing out the first little bit is so important. tails turning off the still and throwing out the last little bit.

last but not least what does it mean single double, triple and even seven times distilled, what does all this mean.

From our Sister Website some Awesome recipes!